Outside Access Devices (OAD) are designed to allow access through emergency exit doors from the outside without compromising the security of the building. Here at Handle Hardware we have a comprehensive range of fire exit hardware for fire doors including push bar panic latches for single doors and rebated double door panic bar sets produced by market leading brands such as Exidor, Arrone, Briton, Securefast, Eurospec and KABA Unican.

BS EN 179 relates to emergency exit devices. This standard covers devices to be used in emergency situations where people are familiar with the emergency exit and its hardware and therefore a panic situation is most unlikely to develop. Devices operated by a lever handle or push pad may therefore be used. The main purpose of the performance requirements of this standard is to give safe and effective escape through a doorway with one single operation to release the device. However, escape can require prior knowledge of the operation of the device which is consequently considered suitable for locked doors on escape routes only where panic situations are not foreseen.

Arrone AR8805 touchbar Lever Operated Outside Access Device

From £78.00

Arrone AR885 Single Lift Pad Outside Access Device

From £69.36

Arrone AR885K Single Hexagonal Turn Knob Outside Access Device

From £74.40

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