Browse our huge range of durable and reliable Fire Exit Hardware. Our Panic Door Hardware has been tested and complies with all relevant regulations. From Push Pad Panic Latches to Single Door Panic Bolts, we stock some of the most reputable brands including Exidor and Arrone.

What is panic hardware?

The term "panic hardware" refers to a type of door latching assembly. The assembly incorporates an actuating member which, when pushed in exit travel's direction, releases mechanical latching or locking mechanisms and, in doing so, opens the door.

The actuating member, which you might have seen referred to as an actuating bar or push pad, is a key aspect of panic hardware, itself known by architects, building code officials, and manufacturers as crucial to a structure's safety.

This is primarily because a door incorporating panic hardware can be easily opened from the inside through the simple push of an actuating member. Therefore, occupants of that building can more speedily depart the structure in the event of an emergency.

When and where should you have panic hardware installed?

Panic hardware can save lives in occupancies where more conventionally opening doors could slow mass evacuation. In some instances, you could opt to have it utilised strictly in emergencies and fitted with alarms. However, you could also choose panic hardware for use in casual, non-emergency opening of doors, as it enables doors to be opened more quickly and easily than would be the case if they featured more standard knobs or lever handles.

What panic hardware can you purchase from us?

The complete range of panic hardware currently available from us at HandleHardware is listed below. The choice and stock could change over time; however, examples of panic hardware that we have stocked in the past include push pad varieties, where a large pad and label reading "Push" make use straightforward. We have also offered panic bolt, panic latch, knob, and lever forms.

If you are unsure which of the below-listed panic hardware products would be best for your requirements, we invite you to contact us. We can provide advice that could help you settle on a product that ticks many vital boxes.


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