Much has been said in recent years about the apparent decline in Britain’s former love affair with DIY. News sites like This is Money have speculated as to whether this trend can be attributed to an influx of skilled Eastern European immigrants or instead the rise of ‘generation rent’ that means fewer people are now purchasing their own home until much later in life.

Whatever the reasons might be for any such fall in the popularity of DIY in the UK – whether such a thing has happened at all – here at HandleHardware, we don’t think Britons should have many excuses for not dabbling in it at least as much as their parents did.

So that we can make the job easier for you, here are seven straightforward DIY tips and tricks.

  1. Invest in the best quality equipment

Even the most basic painting and decorating is nowhere near as ‘basic’ as it looks. At the very least, you need to get hold of the best quality brushes, paints and rollers within your budget. Trust us – if you settle for the cheap stuff, you’ll probably find it so much harder to do a decent job, and may find yourself wasting a lot of time picking loose bristles out of your painted wall.

  1. Repurpose some old crates

There will almost certainly be wine stores or grocers somewhere near you that have old, unwanted crates – so why not offer to take them off their hands? Bring the crates home and paint them, and you will have storage that is practical, cheap and in the finest tradition of ‘shabby chic’.

  1. Create a gallery wall

Most of us have probably got those areas of blank wall in our homes that we struggle to do anything with… so why not turn one of them into a display of art and family photos? Mix charity shop frames with unframed canvas for an appealingly collected and ‘jumbled’ look.

  1. Have some WD-40 spare

WD-40 really is a bit of a miracle product for all kinds of things that you will find yourself having to do around the house from time to time. You might find it invaluable for preserving furniture, wiping off tough stains, fixing a window that won’t slide shut… well, pretty much anything, really.

  1. Replace your old door handles

You might have expected us to cite this one given that we are, after all, a key source of door handles in London here at HandleHardware. However, it’s a great tip all the same – the likes of cabinet handles, pull handles and even the offerings of our designer range are more affordable than you might think, and they really turn heads once they have been fitted in your home.

  1. Add more storage

Yes, yes… we know it’s a very dull tip. However, it is also a vital one, as very few of the other improvements that you make to your home will look good if each room is cluttered with items. Wherever there’s some extra usable space to place a cabinet there or a set of shelving here, make the most of it so that your home benefits from a clean and tidy appearance.

  1. Keep some masking tape handy

Masking tape is a godsend of a product for all manner of DIY applications, but particularly when you need to protect a surface while working on another – such as if you are painting a skirting board and need to protect the carpet below or the wallpaper above. For the protection of especially vulnerable surfaces, we would suggest that you buy low tack masking tape.

Is DIY dead among Britons? Not necessarily – after all, one recent article by Property Reporter reveals that according to one analysis, annual consumer spending on DIY products in the UK has gone up by 42% in real terms since 1996, to an average of £211 a person as of 2015.

Shop for your architectural ironmongery in London from a leading specialist such as HandleHardware, and you can be even more confident of enjoying brilliant results from your DIY efforts.