Front Door Furniture is very important as it's the first piece of exterior door furniture people see so here at HandleHardware we stock a wide range of door knockers for your exterior doors to suit your home, from classic urn door knockers to more modern door knockers for contemporary settings. 

Browse our huge range of door knockers for front doors, whether it be a finely detailed lion head door knocker or a slightly more futuristic looking contemporary door knocker such as the slimline door knocker, rest assure you can find the perfect door knocker for your home here at HandleHardware!

Carlisle Brass M37 Ring Door Knocker

From £34.80

Carlisle Brass M38B Victorian Urn Door Knocker - 196mm

From £18.00

Carlisle Brass M43 Door Knocker on Rose - 140mm

From £25.80

Carlisle Brass M45 Doctor Knocker - 187mm

From £58.80

Croft 1750 Plain Door Knocker

From £75.60

Croft 1768 Lions Head Knocker

From £162.00

Croft 1771 Adam Knocker

From £91.20

Croft 1893 Ring Knocker

From £110.40

Croft 4120 Old Doctors Knocker

From £116.40

Croft 4120L Large Doctors Knocker

From £175.20

Eurospec SWE1020 Door Knocker - 166mm

From £45.00

Frelan JV38 Urn Door Knocker - 170mm

From £12.24

From The Anvil 124mm Ring Door Knocker

From £98.96

From The Anvil Doctor's Knocker

From £65.82

From The Anvil Lion's Head Door Knocker

From £55.80

From The Anvil Loop Door Knocker

From £54.76

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