Add a decorative touch to your External Doors with our selection of Front Door Furniture including Centre Door Knobs, Cylinder Pulls, Door Chains, Door Knockers, Door Numerals and Letter Plates.

Make your highly functional door look pleasing, too

While external doors obviously serve a crucial practical purpose, ensuring the practical usefulness of those doors does not have to mean compromising their beauty. At HandleHardware, we can provide various forms and models of external hardware for your own doors, which you can ensure attract and keep attention for the right reasons.

Ensure a strong link with a door chain

Even if your door already has various locks, its security can be further strengthened with the installation of door chains. Each of these products comprises a small chain that attaches to a door frame which itself connects to a door-sited track.

When this kind of chain is properly installed on your door, it will allow the building's occupants to only slightly open the door in order to communicate with individuals just outside. Alternatively, they could hand small objects through the minor opening while preventing anyone outside accessing, without authorization, the building.

Don't knock a door till you've tried it

Door bells are very modern appliances, allowing visitors to notify people of their arrival quickly and easily. However, a door knocker can also be put to the same purpose - and have the added benefit of giving your building a more traditional look. Hence, a door knocker can be especially fitting on modern homes - and also look good in itself.

Here at HandleHardware, door knockers in various striking designs are available for purchasing. You can pick up a delightfully smooth, urn-shaped knocker in polished chrome, polished brass, or satin chrome. We also offer ring knockers in these materials - and, in polished brass, gorgeously intricate "lion head" knockers.

Beautify your building to the letter

Whether it is a residential or commercial building that you want to make look nicer, there's no doubt that visitors - whether they are friends, business contacts, delivery people, or something else entirely - can reach it more easily when the building's name and number are more clearly displayed.

To ensure such clarity, you can attach numerals and letters to that structure's door. We offer digits and letters in varying sizes and in polished chrome or brass.

A door viewer lets you choose great views

Use a door viewer in combination with a door chain for especially strong security. A door viewer, otherwise known as a peephole, will give you a view of the outside even as you stay inside, on the internal side of the door. Therefore, when someone has knocked on the door or rung the doorbell, you could quickly and securely see who has done so before you decide whether to open the door.

Our door viewers differ in not only appearance and material but also how broad a view they enable you to take in. While the more low-end models permit 160-degree views, this rises to 200 degrees for more high-end alternatives available to buy from our staff at HandleHardware.

There's also a pleasing variety with the centre door knobs, cylinder pulls, letter plates and tidies, and gate, fence, and shed hardware that we offer.

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