Shop our range of flush pulls & flush ring pulls which are ideal for chest drawers. Flush pull handles are ideal for recessing into the surface, offering a stylish and neat finish. Commonly used on sliding wardrobe and cupboard doors, but also suitable for discrete fitting into drawer fronts. 

A standard conventional flush pull for sliding doors is recessed into the doors enabling them to slide past each other without any obstruction. The concave recesses inside the handle allow ample room for a comfortable and firm grip. An ideal low profile flush pull.

Frelan JV424A Flush Ring Pull - 50 x 38mm

From £7.14

Frelan JV424B Flush Ring Pull - 63 x 50mm

From £7.49

Frelan JV428B Rectangular Flush Pull Handle - 102 x 45mm

From £7.06

Frelan JV820 Sliding Flush Handle

From £75.60

Frelan JV822 Flush Pull Kit for Sliding Doors

From £13.80

Squash Court Handle - 89 x 89mm

From £22.78

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