Electromagnetic door closers are linked with a building fire alarm system so that when the fire alarm is activated the power to the closers is cut and doors shut. In the event of a fire breaking out in the home or workplace, the fire alarm sounding cuts the power to the closer or holder and the door closes securely and automatically.

Our extensive range of Electromagnetic door closers are produced by leading brands such as Arrone, Exidor, Rutland, Briton and more! Shop for Emag door closers at Handle Hardware today!

Arrone AR1998 E-Mag Door Closer

From £222.00

Carlisle Brass DCEM2004 E-Mag Door Closer

From £225.00

Dorma ITS96 EMF Concealed Door Closer

From £553.20

Exidor 4880E Guardian Closer - Narrow Slide Cover

From £186.00

Exidor 9880R Guardian Closer - Radius Cover

From £186.00

Exidor 9880SQ Guardian Closer - Square Cover

From £186.00

Union CE4F-E - Electromagnetic Closer

From £180.00

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