Door stops are used to prevent damage to the wall and door. Our range includes floor mounted and wall mounted door stops, in a variety of finishes including aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and brass, all with a rubber end to protect the door. We also offer door holders for when a door is required to stay open for a period of time.

Carlisle Brass AA20 Oval Floor Door Stop

From £4.68

Carlisle Brass AZ21 Wall Mounted Door Stop

From £3.60

Carlisle Brass DSF Floor Mounted Door Stop

From £4.08

Frelan J739H Wall Mounted Spring Door Stop

From £2.40

Frelan JV86 Oval Shielded Door Stop - 46 x 26mm

From £5.94

Frelan JV9529 Shielded Floor Door Stop - 40 x 30mm

From £2.88

Frelan JV9551A Wall Mounted Door Stop - 64mm

From £2.88

Frelan JV9551B Wall Mounted Door Stop - 75mm

From £3.12

Frelan JV9559A Projection Door Stop - 70mm

From £3.30

Frelan JV9559B Projection Door Stop - 102mm

From £4.20

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