Bolt Through Pull Handles

When choosing pull handles for doors it is important that they are functional but equally you always want to consider the type and design of the building to ensure the right pull handle enhances the overall appearance of the door. We offer many finishes such as stainless steel, matt black and smoked bronze. We also offer coloured nylon bolt fix pull handles for environments such as hospitals or care homes which avoids the touch of cold surfaces for the end users.

British standard BS 8300 explains how the built environment can be designed to anticipate and overcome restrictions that prevent disabled people making full use of premises and their surroundings. An accessible environment is one which a disabled person can enter and make use of independently or with help from a partner or assistant, including being able to escape in the event of fire or other emergency.

Pull handles should be bolt fixed to door and have roses to aid the partially sighted. Minimum dimensions are 45mm distance away from door, 19mm to 35mm diameter, and 300mm length. The upper fixing should be a minimum of 1300mm above floor level. 

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